Elle Time

A woman's silhouette is like a sentence in which every word expresses a message. In this sentence, jewelry pieces have great importance – depending on the mood and style, they can become the capital letter, the apostrophe, the coma, the verb, or the subject. The versatility of jewelry makes it the most powerful tool in the world of fashion accessories. Jewelry is the emotional and poetic vector for a woman to express herself and to reflect her style.

Time is the most important notion in life: from birth to death we are obsessed with conquering it. Time as "science" and technological performance is less relevant nowadays, and it doesn't recognize the new relationship between women and their time management – time has become the ultimate luxury. ELLE, as the biggest fashion magazine in the world, knows women best. ELLE knows their needs and their desires. By appreciating, enjoying, being conscious of, and controlling their time, women are defining their own way of living. ELLE Time pieces are inspired by long-term fashion trends combined with the social, cultural, spiritual, architectural, and artistic movements of today.